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Zoning is a major concern when buying commercial property

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Real Estate Litigation

Choosing the right commercial property can be a protracted process. Finding a facility with the right amenities could take some time. The search may last even longer if there are budgetary constraints. When you find a commercial property that falls within your budget and would meet all of your company’s immediate needs, you might want to act quickly so that you don’t lose the opportunity. 

However, verifying that local ordinances allow your business to operate at that location and that its zoning fits with your intended purpose is also a necessary step before you make an offer on a property.

Changing the zoning is a complex process

Most people looking at commercial properties understand that land use or zoning rules affect their use, but some people assume that they can change the zoning to suit their needs after buying. Yes, if you buy a property that is ideal for your company’s needs, you may be able to have the property rezoned. 

You could ask for permission to develop vacant land in a way that differs from the current agricultural zoning. You might want to develop mixed-use spaces or turn vacant industrial spaces into apartments. It is possible to change the land-use rules that apply to the property, but doing so is a lengthy process with no guarantee of success. The local community will have a say, and there could be opposition to your plans. 

For most businesses, it will be better to find a property with the right zoning already, even if it means waiting many more months to find the right commercial real estate. Learning more about the rules that apply to commercial properties can help you invest in the right real estate for your company’s needs.