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Los Angeles Attorneys For Insurance Requirements

Goodkin APC represents commercial owners throughout California, ensuring that tenants, contractors and other on-site parties furnish the appropriate insurance information. Our lawyers are experienced in:
  • Identifying insurance requirements for businesses, real estate developers and other clients
  • Tracking tenants, vendors, contractors and other parties on the premises
  • Drafting and reviewing contract language as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy

Taking A Proactive Approach To Documentation

Many business owners simply receive insurance certificates from their contractors. However, these certificates state up front that they do not provide any coverage, so an endorsement is necessary.

Our law firm knows exactly what types of insurance documentation clients will need in the event of a claim. Once the claim is filed, it is typically too late, so clients appreciate our proactive and knowledgeable approach to insurance coverage and risk management.

Preventing Lapses In Coverage, Denied Claims And Other Issues

Failing to have a professional review the insurance requirements up front can pose significant challenges down the road. If the commercial owner ends up in a claims position, he or she may quickly find that the necessary coverage is not present. In addition, the broker may not list the correct named insured, resulting in the insurance carrier denying the claim.

Lapses in coverage, inadequate insurance limits and large deductibles that were not budgeted are only a few of the other problems that can arise without adept legal counsel.

To learn more about insurance requirements, contact Goodkin APC and arrange a consultation. Call 310-853-5730 or send us an email.