Real Estate, Insurance Coverage and Business Law Firm

Goodkin APC, is a boutique legal practice focused on real estate transactions, real estate litigation, construction litigation, insurance coverage and risk management, and business law and litigation in Los Angeles and across California. Our goals are to minimize the risk of liability and provide optimal counsel to real estate developers and other clients in this fast-evolving market.

In an environment complicated by frequent changes in the law, our attorneys' extensive transactional and litigation experience allows us to actively and effectively protect our clients' interests. Known for providing the highest quality of service and commonsense solutions, we offer our clients a track record of successful claims and litigation strategies that mitigate loss and maximize the ability to procure insurance coverage into the future.

Cost-Effective Counsel That Adheres To The Highest Level Of Quality

At Goodkin APC, we understand that prodigally spending resources on unnecessary legal fees can easily undermine any business.

Facing today's economic uncertainties and financial pressures, business owners and professionals across the board seek legal counsel who will provide a clear return on investment. For this reason, we are proud to offer the sophisticated representation of a large law firm at a far more affordable rate.

Schedule a consultation about any area of real estate law, insurance law or business and commercial law by calling our Los Angeles office at 310-853-5730, or contact our lawyers online.