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Los Angeles Commercial Lease Lawyers

At Goodkin APC, we provide gold-standard legal counsel and representation to lessors and lessees throughout California, yet at a far more cost-sensitive rate than many other firms charge. Our team handles both transactional matters and litigation for clients in the commercial real estate arena as well as in other industries.

Lease Drafting And Transactional Matters

Our Los Angeles commercial lease attorneys are deeply familiar with the intricacies of effectively negotiating, drafting and reviewing these important documents. They are skilled in matters pertaining to the following:

  • Industrial leases for warehouses, data centers, cold storage facilities and other industrial properties
  • Office leases for clients ranging from small business owners to major corporations
  • Mixed-use and retail leases for malls, entertainment centers, restaurants, health clubs, department stores and other properties

In addition to the actual commercial lease, our lawyers also assist clients in negotiating and structuring ancillary business law documents and commercial contracts, such as property management agreements and insurance coverage policies.

Litigating Lease Disputes

Our attorneys at Goodkin APC are seasoned litigators who are adept at resolving lease disputes at trial or through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation or arbitration. Such disputes can range from disagreements over common area maintenance (CAM) charges and co-tenancy clause violations to conflicts over rent adjustments and the interpretation of lease terms.

In one complex lease interpretation case, our team successfully represented the owner of a large medical building against a tenant physician. The court ruled in our client’s favor, granting a summary judgment and awarding daily damages and possession.

What Does A Commercial Lease Attorney Look For When Creating Leases?

Commercial lease agreements involve conditions, so they demand careful comprehension and negotiation. As a vital step in business operations, lease agreements outline responsibilities for both the landlord and the renter.

Our experienced commercial lease negotiation attorneys act as strategic architects when creating commercial leases. When reviewing drafts, our lawyers will focus on:

  • Rent structure and escalation: Misunderstandings around rent calculations, adjustments and escalation clauses can lead to disagreements that leave everybody unhappy.
  • Maintenance and repair responsibilities: An unclear division of maintenance and repair responsibilities can lead to finger-pointing and legal action.
  • Termination clauses and early buyout options: Ambiguous termination clauses or disagreements over buyout terms can lead to serious legal battles.
  • Tenant improvements and alterations: Disputes can arise and escalate quickly over ownership, responsibility for removal and reimbursement for tenant improvements.

Crafting documents that protect the client’s interests while adhering to legal requirements fosters a smooth business relationship.

How Do Commercial Lease Agreement Attorneys Try To Mitigate The Risk Of Litigation?

Our commercial lease litigation lawyers also look to minimize the risk of litigation through these steps:

  • Define landlord and tenant responsibilities for maintenance, repairs and capital improvements.
  • For clarity, ensure precise definitions of base rent, operating expenses and taxes.
  • Specify grounds for termination, including notice periods and default remedies.
  • Detail permitted alterations, approval processes and return conditions in the lease.

Regardless of your situation, a consultation with a reputable commercial real estate transaction attorney can make sure that your interests are fully protected. If litigation arises, our lawyers can interpret lease language negotiating fair removal or compensation for improvements. They can also assess leases against market norms, defend your position with legal precedents, interpret termination clauses, assess compliance and negotiate favorable solutions for early termination or buyout disputes.

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