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Litigation For Construction Disputes

Last updated on January 27, 2022

The dynamic world of construction has many areas with legal dispute exposure. Concerns about adherence to safety requirements, disputes about the scope of the work taking place, and conflict over finances are just some of the construction disputes Goodkin APC handles on behalf of business owners, contractors, suppliers and labor.

A Firm With A Trusted Reputation

Located in Los Angeles, our firm helps businesses, owners and other stakeholders in the construction industry. We litigate sophisticated disputes that have substantial assets at stake throughout California.

Multiple Problem Areas

There are multiple aspects of construction projects that are commonly involved with disputes leading to litigation. Some of the commonly seen issues include:

  • Cost And payment issues
  • Issues with insurance coverage
  • Delays, disruptions and defective work

The Impact Of Disputes

While a construction dispute starts with the project in question, it can have a wide-ranging impact on profitability, company reputation and cause strained business relationships. The attorneys at our firm are committed to providing skilled and savvy advocacy to pursue a successful resolution of your issue.

The Power Of A Premier Firm

As a boutique legal firm with a track record of excellence in real estate, business and insurance law, Goodkin APC is dedicated to providing quality representation. We offer a large-firm service with a clear return on your investment.

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If the issues on your construction project threaten the quality, cost or completion time of your structure, give us a call at 310-853-5730 or contact us online. You can schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer to see how we can help you.