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Los Angeles Breach Of Contract Attorneys

At Goodkin APC, our attorneys understand the significant financial losses that California businesses often face when other parties fail to adhere to contractual obligations. Legal disputes arising from such contractual breaches can be very complex, often turning upon the exact meaning of a term or phrase in the written agreement.

Our Los Angeles lawyers for breach of contract disputes are seasoned business law professionals with extensive experience analyzing business contracts and other documents. They also have the skills that clients need to accurately compute damages and pursue the appropriate legal remedies. Depending on the situation, it may be preferable to either have the court actively enforce the contract, sue for liquidated damages, or cancel the agreement and sue for reimbursement of costs.

In every case, our team works with clients to determine the appropriate strategy to take to seek the optimum outcome.

A Record Of Trial-Tested Advocacy In High-Stakes Cases

In one notable case involving breach of contract allegations, Goodkin APC won a 12-0 jury verdict on behalf of our client.

This multimillion-dollar case revolved around a letter of intent for the sale of a majority interest in an engine-testing laboratory. When the plaintiff and prospective buyer filed suit against our client, the defendant/seller, we presented an overwhelmingly successful defense against claims of breach of contract, intentional fraud and breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

What Makes A Contract Legally Binding In California?

In California, a legally binding contract generally requires a “meeting of the minds,” or an intention between the parties to create a legal relationship or obligation. There must also be an offer, the acceptance of that offer and consideration.

Consideration is something of value that is exchanged between the parties to a contract to “seal the deal.” Consideration can be a promise, an action, money or goods. For example, the bargained-for exchange between an independent contractor to trade their services for money paid by the other party could be ample consideration. Without mutual consideration, a contract may not be enforceable.

Are Oral Contracts Legal In California?

It’s important to note that oral contracts are, in fact, valid in California. Although much more challenging to prove than written contractual agreements, oral contracts can be upheld and enforced. A breach of contract attorney in Los Angeles can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a claim based on an oral contract and help you find options for a resolution.

What Needs To Be Proven To Show There Was A Breach Of Contract?

It depends on the situation and the nature of the breach. For example, if a breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing is alleged, then that means proving that one party purposefully tried to undermine the other party’s rights and did not engage in genuine negotiations. If intentional fraud is alleged, then that means proving that one party made false representations that were designed to deceive the other party into an agreement they would not have otherwise made.

Breach of contract attorneys in Los Angeles can help you understand whether a contract has been breached, what remedies are available for your situation and what steps to take next. At Goodkin APC, they advocate for you.

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