Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-Tenant Dispute Solutions

At Goodkin APC in Los Angeles, we represent our clients both before and during leasing agreements in both residential and commercial situations. Our experience and skill are sought out to bring legally complex disputes to resolution.

Before Leasing

Prior to signing a lease agreement, we can provide valuable oversight to the details of your intended arrangement; we can draft or review documents and negotiate for optimal terms. We can also advise landlords regarding clauses to include in lease documents.

During The Contract

During your lease, we can provide counsel about compliance issues such as:

  • ADA standards
  • EPA compliance/environmental hazards
  • Code compliance/violation of lease terms

If your situation changes and you need to terminate your lease, we can negotiate a lease termination with the best terms possible.

Representation For Eviction Issues

Lease violations or nonpayment of rent require landlord intervention, but are bound by complex regulation and are time-consuming. Our firm represents landlords during the entirety of eviction proceedings and can enforce action after an eviction takes place such as the collection of unpaid rent and fees.

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Whether you are a landlord or tenant, Goodkin APC provides trusted legal advice for your leasing arrangements. Find out more about the services our attorneys can provide for you. Give us a call at 310-853-5730 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation at our Los Angeles office.