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Los Angeles Lawyers For Claims Strategies

At Goodkin APC, we are well aware that the way a claim is presented can have a significant impact on whether the insurance company will pay the claim or not.

For instance, when residential developers receive a homeowner claim or homeowner’s association (HOA) claim, it must be properly tendered to the appropriate insurance companies. Many developers turn to their brokers to perform this task. However, brokers are typically inexperienced in the legal minutiae involved and may inadvertently characterize the claim in a manner that steers it out of coverage.

Our California law firm is highly skilled in insurance coverage and risk management matters, including:

  • Steering the claim to appropriate insurance defense counsel
  • Managing the claim within the deductible or the incurred self-insured retention (SIR), which frequently ranges from $50,000 to $1 million
  • Negotiating the claim under the specific litigation processes in California, such as the SB800 or Right to Repair Act
  • Ensuring the case is settled if insurance defense counsel is appointed
  • Fighting against a directed verdict if the case goes to trial
  • Managing all other aspects of the claims process for clients

Obtaining Or Maximizing Coverage

Goodkin APC assists clients in obtaining or maximizing insurance coverage during claims. Typically, the insurance company will hire defense counsel to represent its interests in a dispute. Under California law, however, defense counsel is not authorized to act as coverage counsel. If the defense counsel is not sufficiently cautious or fails to adhere to ethical standards, he or she may inadvertently or deliberately steer the case out of coverage.

We carefully analyze our clients’ insurance policies and work diligently to steer the case toward coverage. If a claim is denied, we are adept at negotiating or litigating on our client’s behalf.

Learn more by arranging a consultation with a Los Angeles lawyer for claims strategies. Call 310-853-5730, or contact our attorneys online.