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Maintaining a competitive edge in a saturated market

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Firm News

Commercial real estate investments in California encompass a range of niche markets drawing both experienced investors and green professionals looking to expand their portfolio. One of the challenges in a bustling market is the ability to stay competitive.

Investors who identify personal strategies for success and strive to improve their competencies can maintain a competitive edge even with the constant influx of investors.

Thinking outside the box

Finding promising investment opportunities requires days and sometimes months of grueling research. Investors often have strict criteria they have identified as playing a crucial role in making any opportunity worthwhile. While they should establish some boundaries, The Motley Fool suggests that investors should think outside of the box.

While a piece of commercial real estate may appear one way, investors can make more informed decisions after considering a variety of scenarios and a variety of outcomes. They may look for other opportunities looming in the shadows of obviously promising investments to identify lesser-known options that could also have a favorable outcome.

Refining the management aspect

How effectively investors can manage their property directly correlates with their success. The Motley Fool encourages investors to establish a consistent method for property management. Several factors impact management strategies including the following:

  • Property size
  • Property location
  • Property uses
  • Zoning requirements

Some commercial real estate investors choose to manage their properties on their own. Others rely on a third-party to facilitate property upkeep and maintenance according to requested standards and timelines. Regardless of how investors choose to manage the properties in their portfolio, they should use consistent, reliable and effective methods. Keeping their properties in optimal condition can make a considerable difference in their ability to remain competitive.