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Profitable commercial leases may follow vacant land purchase

| Jul 26, 2018 | Commercial Leases

Investors in Los Angeles who are in search of a creative way to maximize their returns today may want to consider the real estate. Specifically, they may want to look at purchasing vacant land. After all, this land can be developed to include buildings featuring potentially lucrative commercial leases.

For those interested in buying land, they may want to try to generate money from their land while they are waiting for the land to be developed. For instance, they may wish to use the land for agricultural purposes or even lease it. They could even make money from parking and billboards placed on the land.

In addition, location is an extremely important factor to consider when purchasing land. It is critical that investors purchase land in an area where growth and demand are high. As a general rule of thumb, purchasing land within 30 miles of a large urban growth center is an excellent benchmark. Los Angeles is one city where economists predict job growth to continue for the next 10 to 20 years, so this is a golden area in which to invest.

Although purchasing land, developing land and providing commercial leases can be exciting for any investor, it can also be complicated from a legal standpoint. Fortunately, an attorney in Los Angeles can provide investors with the guidance they need to navigate these types of commercial real estate matters. The attorney’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the client’s best interests and rights are protected during all real estate transactions completed in the Golden State.