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Negotiating commercial leases can be tricky

| Mar 9, 2017 | Commercial Leases

Before negotiating with a commercial landlord, it is critical to understand the types of clauses that are common in commercial lease contracts. Although some contracts are helpful, others may place the tenant at a disadvantage. With an attorney’s help in Los Angeles, it is possible to negotiate better contracts for commercial leases and steer clear of legal problems in the future.

The monthly rent total is an important issue to consider before signing a commercial lease. Rent might seem relatively straightforward, but there is some room for negotiation. This is true even if the rent has already been established. For instance, it may be beneficial to negotiate automatic increases in rent — specifically, how much the increases should be and what these increases are based on.

Another important item to review is the clause describing the premises to be leased. This description needs to accurately describe exactly what will be rented. For instance, in some cases, an entire property may be rented, whereas in other cases, a smaller portion of a space may be covered in a rental agreement. The description needs to be as detailed as possible.

Another essential area of a contract to examine is the clause identifying the parties to the agreement. The correct business names need to be listed on the contract, and it is beneficial to list corporate entities rather than individual names so as to protect individuals from liability. An attorney in Los Angeles can help review contracts for commercial leases to ensure that one’s rights are protected before signing on the dotted line with a commercial landlord.

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