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What are the best long-term commercial real estate investments?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Commercial Leases

The commercial real estate market in California, particularly in Los Angeles and Orange counties, can be very lucrative. Landlords and owners alike can potentially profit off of properties by leasing or selling them to others.

Those seeking to invest in commercial properties often need to think carefully about their short-term needs and their long-term goals. Not every commercial real estate investment is equally successful, and people might potentially set themselves up for financial losses if they don’t look carefully at the market before completing a transaction.

Certain types of property benefit from consistent demand

When looking at vacancy rates and default rates for loans, certain commercial property investments tend to work out better for investors than others. Multi-family homes and apartment buildings are among the most in-demand types of commercial real estate. They can also be a source of immediate and long-term revenue. However, they may come with a host of financial obligations, including the requirement to continually maintain the units and repair them if tenants damage them. Manufacturing or industrial properties often tend to see consistent demand too, although economic downturns can have a rapid impact on the value and vacancy rates for industrial properties in certain areas.

Some properties are better for long-term investments

Despite slower leasing for retail properties, they still maintain a relatively low vacancy rate nationwide, although it varies drastically from one municipality to another. Retail facilities in high-end neighborhoods often command the highest rents but also have the highest sale prices and tax rates. Retail facilities in some neighborhoods may be cheaper but may also be vacant for longer in between tenants.

Office properties, on the other hand, remain in a slump. Despite widespread efforts to return workers to office settings, some industries and businesses will inevitably remain remote or will embrace a hybridized model going forward. Retail and office spaces are, therefore, often better options for those looking for lower current prices and more long-term investment opportunities. From converting office buildings to high-end condos to investing in up-and-coming neighborhoods by buying retail facilities while the area is still in development, there are many ways for investors to make money off of a commercial property that others may not see as a viable investment.

Ultimately, learning more about the current commercial real estate market in California may help people make more judicious purchasing decisions.