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Finding the right property type for commercial use

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Commercial Leases

Investing in real estate is reputable for being profitable. Investors have a vast range of options, and one of them is commercial real estate (CRE), which is gaining a lot of attention as time goes by. This is because it has a higher income yield and low maintenance costs. However, you should consider crucial aspects when investing in CRE, including the property type.

Here is what you should know about this factor.

Decide a property type

CRE includes offices, retail, industrial and multifamily units. With offices, you will rent office spaces to businesses like law and accounting firms. These are the typical corporate-style workspaces. Retail CRE is for retail purposes. Thus, your clients will be shopping centers, restaurants, coffee shops and healthcare facilities.

With industrial spaces, you will rent to companies with heavy processes, such as manufacturing, storage (warehouses), assembly and production. Lastly, multifamily CRE defines the larger residential complexes with many units. They are for residential purposes but generate high rental income, hence commercial properties.

You should know which property type to invest in to make your work more manageable. It can be challenging to look at all types, and the market can have hundreds of each. Thus, consider the pros and cons of each and choose a type you can manage.

Decide occupied or empty

When investing in CRE, you can purchase a building that’s already occupied or an empty one, in which you will market to find tenants. Further, you can buy land and build the property. It will be best to know which one you want from the beginning to make informed decisions.

The property type you invest in is crucial. You should obtain adequate information about the industry to make the right moves.