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2 reasons boundary disputes develop between neighbors

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Real Estate Litigation

You and your neighbor have always gotten along. You see each other at neighborhood block parties and wave when you roll out your trash containers to the curb. Despite the positive relationship, a conflict could arise over your shared property line. 

If your neighbor has a different idea than you do about where the boundary between your property falls, the two of you could find yourselves caught up in the boundary dispute. What are some of the common reasons that boundary disputes arise? 

There are issues with property improvements

Perhaps the discrepancy in your ideas about the boundary line came to light when your neighbors started putting out markers for a new shed or an expansion to their existing house. You quickly realize that they intended to build over the property line onto your land and pointed that out to them. 

Unless you resolve the matter before construction starts, their actions could eventually compromise your ownership rights to the section of land in dispute. You may have to establish and enforce the boundary before the project moves forward. 

A property transfer is imminent

People often take for granted that they understand where their property begins and ends until they need to list the property for sale. Buyers often have a vested interest in knowing the exact shape and size of a parcel, especially if they intend to put up fencing or expand the property in some way. 

If a neighbor has brought people onto your property while showing their home, you may need to clarify the boundaries so that there won’t be a conflict with your new neighbor. 

Taking swift action to resolve boundary disputes will help you protect the investment you have made in your home.