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How do you resolve a boundary dispute with a neighbor?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Real Estate Litigation

Real estate prices in California have remained among the highest in the nation in recent decades. When you spend more per square foot or acre than people in other places, it’s only natural to be defensive about your property rights.

Few issues can damage your relationship with your neighbors as quickly as a boundary dispute can. Misinformation or confusion might lead to neighbors having very strong, differing opinions about where the boundary line between their property is.

When one neighbor wants to expand their house, put in a garden or install a fence, a boundary line dispute can lead to major issues. How can you resolve the dispute?

Check your title paperwork

When you bought the property, one of the most important documents that you likely didn’t review was the property description. Depending on where your property is and the way that subdivision of bigger parcels has occurred in the area, your property description could be an entire paragraph of detailed, confusing terms.

Your property description will ostensibly tell you where the boundary for your property is. In some cases, you and your neighbor may be able to compare your title paperwork and clarify where the boundary falls.

Bring in professional help

Making sense of the legal description isn’t always easy. You may need to consider hiring a surveyor to come and establish the boundary for your property. Bringing in a professional can be the fastest way to resolve the issue and can make it easier for you to push back in court if your neighbor continues to violate your property rights.

Resolving a boundary dispute often requires patience and experienced legal guidance. However, it will protect the land that you have invested so much in over the years.