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Cover these bases when evicting a commercial tenant

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Commercial Leases

Not every California commercial tenant is a dream tenant, and in some cases, they are downright bad. If your commercial tenant has failed to make rent payments on time or at all or has otherwise broken lease terms, you may decide to move forward with an eviction. Tensions often run high during the eviction process. However, by staying calm and covering your bases, you may be able to make the situation easier while avoiding potential legal trouble.

Per SFGate, there is a specific process you must follow when evicting a tenant from a commercial property. When doing so, be sure to take the following steps.

Draft an eviction notice

You must give your commercial tenant written notice of your plans to evict him or her. You must do so at least three days ahead of the day you plan to move forward with the eviction. Include the amount of rent overdue in the notice and make it clear that you must receive the amount in full within three days to stop the eviction.

Serve the eviction notice

Once you have your eviction notice drafted, you need to serve your commercial tenant at his or her place of business. If the tenant is absent, give the notice to a manager or executive who is present. If no one is there, post the notice to the door and be sure to put an additional copy in the mail.

Following these guidelines may help you avoid unnecessary delays associated with evicting a commercial tenant and reduce any losses you might experience while eviction is ongoing.