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December 2018 Archives

Factors that create vacancies of buildings with commercial leases

Areas of Southern California, including Los Angeles, have experienced nine consecutive years of economic gains. This has sparked a shortage of vacant buildings featuring commercial leases. However, the economy is currently cooling, which means more vacant properties are becoming available for investors to purchase. Here is a glimpse at a handful of situations that can lead to real estate property vacancies.

Some steps may help with buying properties with commercial leases

Purchasing a nonresidential property is not a decision to take lightly. Rather, it requires advanced planning and preparation to yield the best results. Here are a few tips for purchasing properties featuring commercial leases in Los Angeles.

Properties with commercial leases to remain in demand in 2019

The real estate industry remains strong in Los Angeles, leaving many Californian investors feeling excited about staying active -- or becoming active -- in this area. But what will 2019 look like for those interested in investing in buildings featuring commercial leases? Here's a glimpse at commercial real estate investing trends that experts believe will dominate in the new year.

Data center, warehouse buildings with commercial leases in demand

Investors in Los Angeles may currently be wondering what their next moves should be in the property market. The market for buildings featuring commercial leases has been relatively robust overall, but what specific sectors would be wise to focus on as 2019 draws near? Here is a look at a couple of sectors that are showing great promise at the moment.

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