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November 2018 Archives

Tax reform benefits those with properties with commercial leases

With the real estate industry continuing to thrive in Los Angeles and other parts of California, some investors might be wondering what in particular is triggering the growth of the industry. Experts say that tax reform may be a major contributing factor to the increase in transactions involving properties featuring commercial leases. Here is a look at how specifically tax reform is affecting the commercial real estate industry.

Properties with commercial leases experiencing success

New research shows that the nonresidential property industry is on an upswing across the United States. It is therefore keeping pace with the economy at large. In light of the growth taking place in the real estate sector, more investors in Los Angeles and other parts of California might want to seek out properties featuring commercial leases this fall.

More investors may turn to buildings featuring commercial leases

During the past few weeks, the stock market has gone on a wild ride. Naturally, investors in Los Angeles may be on edge as a result. In fact, the volatility of the stock market may spur more investors to devote more of their funds to directly owning real estate, including buildings featuring commercial leases.

How can you protect your interests as a landlord?

California landlords know there are many regulations they must follow in order to protect the rights, safety and interests of their tenants. Whether you are a commercial property owner or you own residential rental property, it is for your own benefit to know how to protect yourself from the fallout that comes with tenant injuries. This will limit your exposure to litigation and legal complications that can cost you time and money in the future. 

Purchasing properties with commercial leases offers benefits

Investors who are active in residential real estate in Los Angeles may want to dip their feet into the commercial property world. After all, purchasing properties offering commercial leases has some special perks. Here is a glimpse at why going commercial might be a smart idea.

More buildings with commercial leases may be going vertical

The nonresidential property industry in Los Angeles and other parts of California continues to thrive, especially in the area of industrial buildings. The reason for this is that more companies need buildings that can be used for fulfillment and distribution activities related to electronic commerce. However, a new trend in the industry is that more buildings featuring commercial leases will end up being vertical rather than horizontal.

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