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May 2018 Archives

Competition for land, commercial leases affects memory care field

As Americans in Southern California keep aging, the current senior care center inventory will not be enough to support the increasing number of elderly individuals. This is particularly true for centers that deal with memory care -- for example, those that accommodate patients with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. At the same time, the shrinking availability of land and commercial leases in dense parts of Southern California, such as Los Angeles, has pushed memory care-related development into the region's secondary markets.

Interest in office property featuring commercial leases purchased

A real estate firm recently purchased a condominium interest in California. Swift Real Estate acquired an interest in an office asset spanning more than 219,000 square feet in San Francisco. These properties featuring commercial leases remain in demand in other parts of the state as well, including in Los Angeles.

Construction defect may spark real estate litigation

Naturally, homeowners in Los Angeles and throughout California take pride in the places they call home. Unfortunately, not all homes are built up to standard. If a home features construction defects that could have -- and should have -- been avoided, grounds for real estate litigation may exist.

Managing the risks of construction with the right insurance

When you bid on a construction project, you expect that everything will go according to plan. At the end of the job, you may find that you were right, but what do you do if you are wrong? The construction industry is fraught with risks and hazards, and you could find yourself facing liability for a variety of mishaps and issues.

Appear Here changes how commercial leases are handled

It is no surprise that store vacancies in the Los Angeles area and in other parts of California and the United States are rising in number these days. At the same time, more tenants are demanding shorter commercial leases. This is the perfect situation for a company called Appear Here, a business that is changing how landlords locate new tenants through an new online marketplace.

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