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April 2018 Archives

Commercial leases in demand in life science industry

The industry of the life sciences in California -- San Diego specifically -- is growing exponentially. As a result, capital has been pouring into this market, and employment in this sector is up. This phenomenon is driving the demand for properties offering commercial leases -- a Southern California trend that may have a major impact on Los Angeles in the near future.

Buildings with commercial leases impacted by e-commerce

In the not-so-distant past, consumerism and commerce meant taking a trip to a nearby mall. Nowadays, however, consumers in Los Angeles and elsewhere associate these terms with visiting an e-commerce hub and eagerly waiting for their new packages to arrive at their homes or businesses a couple of days later. The evolution taking place in commerce no doubt has an impact on the real estate market, specifically the market of properties featuring commercial leases.

WeWork uses commercial leases to offer workspaces

WeWork, a company that offers workspaces for rent, recently claimed more space in California -- specifically San Francisco. In fact, it just signed its largest Golden City lease. These types of commercial leases are becoming increasingly popular throughout the state, including in Los Angeles.

More commercial leases being used to provide co-working spaces

Areas where remote workers and entrepreneurs can share workspaces have been springing up in California and elsewhere throughout the United States during the past several years. As a result, many investors have set their eyes on properties featuring commercial leases that could be used as shared office spaces. The downtown area of Santa Rosa, located a few hours from Los Angeles, is ready to make a major investment in this co-working trend.

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