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March 2018 Archives

Building featuring commercial leases sold near Los Angeles

Three industrial warehouses were recently acquired in Colton, about an hour away from Los Angeles. The properties, which offer commercial leases, are adjacent and span more than 740,000 square feet. A real estate investment firm ended up buying the properties, which a large real estate investment trust owned.

Properties featuring commercial leases popular in San Diego

Los Angeles is currently considered the best place for investing in real estate. However, San Diego, located only a couple of hours south of Los Angeles, is also apparently a real estate hot spot for investors. According to a recent real estate report, major money players are flocking to this city to purchase properties, including those featuring commercial leases. These players include the likes of pension funds and insurance companies.

Finding the right property manager

Owning a piece of commercial property in California may be exciting and a little frightening. It is a smart investment, and a multi-unit apartment rental can quickly pay for itself and begin to turn a nice profit. Part of the beauty of owning commercial property is delegating the work to people with skills in certain areas. This is where an apartment manager comes in.

Properties with commercial leases growing in value in Los Angeles

California real estate stands out when compared with the Big Apple. Specifically, West Los Angeles is the top choice for those who want to buy properties featuring commercial leases. This is good news for those who are interested in expanding their real estate portfolios in the Golden State.

Starbucks lease, other commercial leases benefit SoCal

A group of real estate advisors in California recently announced that their company had recently sold a commercial building that is currently being leased to Starbucks. The coffee giant was the only tenant in the new-construction building that was sold in Southern California. The buying and selling of properties featuring commercial leases can certainly be exciting in Los Angeles and elsewhere, as these activities benefit the local economy as a whole.

Google taking advantage of more commercial leases

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has been active in the office space arena recently. In fact, it has added office space much more quickly than other Bay Area technology companies. Like Alphabet, other companies in Los Angeles and other parts of California can take advantage of commercial leases to expand their business operations.

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