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February 2018 Archives

Buildings with commercial leases have positive outlook

In Los Angeles and other parts of California, real estate experts are generally optimistic about the market. However, in the San Diego area, the market for buildings where commercial leases are available has especially turned positive. Still, the one area that continues to struggle is retail.

Robots may affect commercial leases, buying and selling in future

Thanks to the advent of technology, machines may end up dictating real estate's future in Los Angeles and other parts of California. After all, start-up real estate companies are trying to pinpoint new ways of selling not only residential property but also properties featuring commercial leases. This may result in cost savings that will benefit buyers and sellers as well as business owners interested in leasing spaces in commercial buildings.

Tips may help with negotiating commercial leases correctly

A lease governs a tenant's and landlord's entire rental relationship. This includes what both sides' duties are, the rent amount and what should happen if either side fails to comply with the terms of the lease. For this reason, understanding how leases work, especially commercial leases, is critical for aspiring tenants in Los Angeles.

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