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December 2017 Archives

Choosing commercial leases requires understanding of zoning

Laws governing commercial zoning dictate what type of activities businesses can conduct in certain areas. They also determine the categories of businesses that may occupy particular areas. For this reason, paying attention to zoning is critical when looking for commercial leases in Los Angeles.

Commercial leases part of $16 billion real estate company buy

A company that operates high-end shopping malls located in the Los Angeles area recently agreed for a real estate company from another country to acquire it. The price tag was a whopping $16 billion. The buyer now has a number of opportunities to generate revenue through the mall properties' several commercial leases.

The environmental factors that impact a real estate transaction

There are many factors that can impact a California real estate transaction, and not all of them pertain to legal complexities or financial matters. Often, environment factors can impact both residential and commercial property transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, you would be wise to learn how you can protect your interests when facing these matters.

Choosing the right commercial leases can be challenging

Deciding between renting and buying may seem challenging for business owners in Los Angeles. However, commercial leases might be the best options for setting up new businesses because they allow the business owners to move to new locations as needed. In addition, the terms of a lease are shorter than those of a mortgage, and leasing frees up valuable capital, which can then be used for other business purposes.

Commercial leases available at recently sold office space

A management and investment firm in another state recently paid more than $17 million for a creative office facility in California. The building is located in the Redondo Beach area, not far from Los Angeles. The seller, which offered commercial leases at the property, received a generous profit from this sale.

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