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Real estate dispute may involve boundary lines

| Nov 16, 2017 | Real Estate Litigation

Arguments between neighbors are sometimes inevitable, particularly when they involve property boundaries. Unfortunately, these arguments can quickly escalate, causing extra problems for both parties. In these real estate dispute situations in Los Angeles, seeking a solution through the court system may be the only option for addressing these issues.

Property surveys are completed when properties are purchased and ideally should reveal the properties’ boundary lines. However, two neighbors may not agree on where the lines are, and obtaining a survey that is updated may not be possible for various reasons — for example, due to the property deed’s wording or the property’s age. In this situation, a neighbor may ask a judge to determine the property’s boundary lines, through what is called a quiet title lawsuit.

Another option when tackling a property boundary dispute is for the two neighbors to come to an agreement on a certain object that will be their boundary line. This object may be a tree or a fence, for example. Then, both neighbors can sign a legal document known as a quitclaim deed, which would grant each person ownership of the land on his or her side of the agreed-upon object.

Real estate dispute situations can easily happen if a homeowner decides to start a building or gardening project near what he or she believes to be the edge of his or her property, for example. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to navigate these disputes, including filing a quiet title lawsuit or preparing a quitclaim deed. The attorney’s goal in Los Angeles is to make sure that one’s best interests and property rights are protected in the Golden State.

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