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June 2017 Archives

Real estate investment partnerships may benefit from vacant sites

Virtually all commercial real estate markets, including those in Los Angeles, have sites that appear to remain vacant no matter the curb appeal or location quality. In fact, these sites may stay vacant for several years and eventually develop a stigma among real estate buyers. However, savvy investors in real estate investment partnerships may be able to turn these sites into profitable treasures.

Buildings with commercial leases in high demand

Southern California currently is in a seller's commercial real estate market. This is largely due to the imbalance between supply and demand -- or the available buildings versus businesses that are interested in expanding. This current trend impacts those involved with commercial leases in Los Angeles.

Commercial leases available in booming Southern California

The southern part of California, including Los Angeles, features some of the most-coveted real estate in the nation. Areas near the ocean are seeing significant activity bursts among real estate developers interested in creating properties and offering commercial leases. Among the challenges they face is the demand for a limited amount of space.

Protect your commercial investment by examining the developer

Investing in commercial real estate development often comes with enormous risk. The many variables, such as weather, the availability of materials and labor issues, may make any investor lose sleep over a project. If you have invested previously in a commercial real estate project, you may already have experience with the things that could go wrong, particularly when dealing with developers.

Los Angeles soundstage commercial leases in high demand

Television production is making its way back to Los Angeles, and with that, many producers are looking for soundstage space. However, there appears to be a shortage of commercial leases for this type of space, as cable channels and streaming companies are shooting throughout the year to meet the demand of viewers. In fact, at some studios, occupancy levels have reached brand-new highs.

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