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Many factors to consider before signing commercial leases

| May 24, 2017 | Commercial Leases

After developing a strong business plan, an aspiring business owner may be ready to finally sign a lease. Commercial leases make it possible to have a storefront that can draw customers without having to buy a property outright. However, choosing the right property to lease in Los Angeles and surrounding communities is critical for long-term business success.

Location is a particularly important factor when it comes to leasing commercial property. If business owners would benefit from having many walk-ins, they may want to choose areas that have high levels of foot traffic and are easy for the public to access. For instance, a coffee shop would likely do much better in a pricier downtown area versus a remote industrial park outside of the city.

Parking is another essential consideration when thinking about leasing. An appropriate number of parking spaces is especially important for businesses like workout facilities or restaurants. After all, worrying about being ticketed or constantly having to feed the meter will only tarnish an otherwise good experience with lifting weights or eating a delicious meal.

Other critical factors to consider include whether the facility’s lighting is adequate, the layout meets the needs of the business, if the business’s suppliers can easily access the facility and if the facility is in a safe part of the city. An important question to ask is whether the landlord will agree to make necessary repairs as well. An attorney in Los Angeles can help with negotiating and reviewing commercial leases to make sure that they ultimately meet a business owner’s unique needs.

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