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When Real Estate Managers Run into Legal Challenges

| Jan 27, 2017 | Real Estate Litigation

The real estate industry is constantly changing. While this can be an exciting element of the real estate management business, it can also be a challenging one. People who have experience managing property understand that legal issues concerning both property and tenants can crop up at virtually any time. This is an unquestionably challenging aspect of the job.

A recent survey of multiple landlords and legal cases has helped to uncover some of the most common pressing issues facing people running their own real estate business. Please understand that if you are struggling with these issues that you are not alone. And also please consider the fact that you do not have to deal with these issues alone. An experienced real estate attorney can help you to navigate choppy legal waters regardless of the unique circumstances of any given situation.

Debt Collection is an Overwhelming Issue

Most of the problems that those running their own property management firm face has to do with the day to day management of the properties. The biggest problem that most landlords and managers faced was debt collection. The survey revealed that over two-thirds of landlords indicated that this was a major area of concern.

When people sign a contract and get locked in at a certain rent schedule, it’s not unusual for people to lose a source of income and fail to pay on time. People might rent their property out to retailers who go out of business or to tenants who lose their jobs. When this happens, the income dries up and realtors often have trouble collecting their debts. Owners need to understand the various channels that are available for rent collection issues. Any questions or concerns about these options can be directed to an attorney for clarification.

Injuries can Occur on Property

A landlord is responsible for maintaining the property and ensuring that real estate is a safe place to live and work. When tenants slip and fall on the property, some people might feel like suing the real estate property owner. In fact, more than two-thirds of people surveyed mentioned that they had ongoing problems with slip and fall accidents.

This is a tricky area to navigate because there is always a debate regarding whether or not the accident could have been prevented by the landlord. This kind of legal ground is tough to navigate, especially when the rate of frivolous lawsuits goes up in a certain area due to a host of different factors. Lawsuits can wind up costing a real estate business a significant amount of money.

Clearly, there are numerous problems that real estate managers can struggle with. It is important that anyone running their own real estate business contacts an experienced legal professional for guidance concerning these complex issues. Having the right legal aid can help identify problem areas and prevent these lawsuits from ever taking place or help real estate teams deal with a lawsuit that has already started. Without the proper assistance, these problems can turn into costly financial situations for everyone involved.