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Real estate dispute may involve failure to disclose defect

| Dec 16, 2016 | Real Estate Litigation

Purchasing a house in Los Angeles is a complicated and lengthy process. A majority of used homes feature some items requiring upgrading or replacement — for instance, rusted pipes or outdated wiring. However, in general, the seller has a duty to disclose any major defects in the house, and if this is not done, a real estate dispute may ensue.

Sellers are generally required to disclose any material defect in their properties to buyers before their sales are deemed valid. Material defects are specific issues with components or systems of home properties that might have a major negative impact on the properties’ value. In some cases, a material defect may pose a risk to individuals that is considered unreasonable.

Some types of defects happen to be obvious and thus are disclosed early on. However, other defects may not be noticed until after a person has completed his or her transaction and moved into the home. In this case, the person might have some options for correcting any wrong that has been committed, depending on the severity of the defect.

In some cases, the seller of the home featuring a material defect may be held liable for an undisclosed defect. However, in other situations, liability might extend to either the buyer’s or seller’s broker or even to the home inspector. The right legal guidance in Los Angeles can help people to pinpoint who might be responsible and then explore all of his or her options in this type of real estate dispute.

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