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The trends that could shape future real estate development

| Aug 1, 2016 | investment Partnerships

Our last few posts have focused on the state of the market and the growing opportunities with regard to commercial real estate and office locations. However, it is important for real estate investors and financiers to recognize the trends that could shape real estate development in the near future.

Essentially, a recent article highlighted three related trends. We will describe what they are and how they may influence future projects.

Generation specific housing – It’s no secret that the number of people reaching age 65 are growing each month. With that, the number of senior housing and assisted living facilities has to grow as well. Because of this, securing financing for these projects has become a critical aspect of development.

Co-urbanism – Real estate development is changing with the changing population needs. This means that more multiuse projects that enable retail, office and living spaces to be in close proximity to each other have become important as working and shopping experiences continue to change.

Cyber risk – With more developments touting intelligent technological benefits, including smart grids and automated retail operations, it is essential that these buildings be protected from cyber attacks. Ransomware and other attacks geared towards seizing private information cannot be ignored, and developers must include plans for cyber risk management.

Indeed, the guidance and advice from experienced legal counsel can be very helpful as developers secure financing for future projects. But knowing how these three trends may shape future projects can give developers a better opportunity for success.

The preceding is not legal advice.