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Proptech to benefit properties with commercial leases

A brand-new generation of software platforms is changing the world of property investing. These new platforms can monitor energy and water use in buildings, for example. These applications, called proptech, offer promise to investors in Los Angeles who are interested in purchasing buildings with commercial leases, as they provide a new way of generating value for their tenants.

Climate change may impact properties with commercial leases

For investors in Los Angeles and elsewhere, measuring risk against opportunity is paramount. In the real estate market, investors are especially concerned with the increased risk they face due to climate change, as natural disasters cost damages totaling over $300 billion in 2017 -- a record. For this reason, investors who are interested in buying properties featuring commercial leases may want to more aggressively calculate climate risk as well as its potential effect on their property portfolios.

Recession should not hit commercial leases

Recent financial headlines have called attention to the likelihood of a recession in the near future. Recessions have a tendency to precipitate real estate market declines. However, recent evidence points to the fact that these headlines may be false alarms, which is good news for those interested in investing in properties featuring commercial leases in Los Angeles.

Breweries are like industrial properties with commercial leases

The market for nonresidential properties in Los Angeles and other parts of the country continues to experience demand in general. However, industrial properties, including those with commercial leases, are especially drawing more attention -- specifically among craft breweries.  This is because a growing number of individuals are showing interest in eating food and drinking beer on industrial estates.

Investors with commercial leases can protect investments

Over the past several months, some analysts that asserted that the market for non-residential properties may experience a decline. In such a situation, those who own properties featuring commercial leases, as well as other types of commercial properties, may find their properties losing value. However, they can make a couple of moves now in Los Angeles and elsewhere to keep their investments protected in the event of a future market downturn.

Market of properties with commercial leases impacted by news

In recent months, several national events on the news have been affecting the economy and property investments in the United States, including in Los Angeles. Such events include trade wars, climbing interest rates and the federal government shutdown. Technology has also been advancing at rapid speeds. Considering the circumstances, those interested in investing in properties featuring commercial leases may feel uneasy about the real estate market. However, they can protect themselves financially in a couple of ways.

Location wise to consider for properties with commercial leases

A critical part of purchasing non-residential properties is figuring out which locations are the best to choose. This is because investors who buy properties featuring commercial leases that are located in subpar areas may find it difficult to market that property to renters or buyers in the future. Here is a glimpse at what investors in Los Angeles and other parts of California can do to make sure that they choose the right property locations.

Properties with commercial leases attract various buyers

When people sell their non-residential properties in Los Angeles, their main goal is to sell their properties for the most money possible. They also want to complete their transactions quickly and with few conditions. However, what complicates transactions involving properties featuring commercial leases is that commercial offerings have several potential buyers with varying pricing expectations. Here is a glimpse at who a couple of these buyers are.

Life science popularity impacts properties with commercial leases

Life science is an increasingly popular field throughout the United States, including in Los Angeles. Part of the reason for this is that pharmaceutical firms are increasingly pairing with incubator laboratories along with startup companies to drive research/development. This is great news for those who are interested in life science careers, but it is also welcome news for investors who are interested in purchasing properties featuring commercial leases.

Sales of properties with commercial leases were high in 2018

Sales of nonresidential properties reached near-record heights in 2018, with many of the biggest portfolio deals coming from the managers of private funds. In addition, today's low interest rates may make for a strong 2019. This is good news for people who are interested in investing in properties featuring commercial leases in Los Angeles or the surrounding area this year.

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