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Helpful suggestions to reduce the risk of real estate litigation

Finding commercial real estate that suits the needs of a company and fits within its budget is not easy, especially in Los Angeles. Real estate is expensive, and people buying or selling would be wise to take steps to protect their interests as they move forward. Failure to proceed carefully can expose a business to legal and financial complications in the future and increase the chance of real estate litigation.

Real estate litigation may stem from hiding property defects

When it comes to selling properties in Los Angeles, sellers are legally obligated to disclose possible problems to prospective buyers that may impact the properties' value. Also, it is not legal to purposely hide major property defects. If a seller fails to share with potential buyers any major problems that his or her property has, this is grounds for real estate litigation.

Construction defect may spark real estate litigation

Naturally, homeowners in Los Angeles and throughout California take pride in the places they call home. Unfortunately, not all homes are built up to standard. If a home features construction defects that could have -- and should have -- been avoided, grounds for real estate litigation may exist.

Real estate dispute may involve boundary lines

Arguments between neighbors are sometimes inevitable, particularly when they involve property boundaries. Unfortunately, these arguments can quickly escalate, causing extra problems for both parties. In these real estate dispute situations in Los Angeles, seeking a solution through the court system may be the only option for addressing these issues.

Real estate litigation may involve mortgage fraud

Purchasing a home can understandably be an exciting process for all parties involved, but fraudulent activity can quickly cast a dark cloud over this process. Specifically, mortgage fraud may occur, leading to real estate litigation. Those who are negatively impacted by mortgage fraud in Los Angeles, such as mortgage lenders and brokers, have the right to pursue justice through the civil court system.

Real estate dispute involving Catholic nuns and pop singer

A group of nuns recently lost their legal effort to prevent pop singer Katy Perry from buying their former convent. After this last ruling, the singer is now one step closer to being able to move into the beautiful property, something she has been trying to do since 2015.

Real estate dispute may involve easement

Easements are one area of real estate that can be confusing for both residential and commercial buyers. A major question posed in a real estate dispute involving an easement, or the right to use a particular piece of land, is whether it is implied or express. The chief difference between the two is that an implied easement in Los Angeles or another part of California is created through particular circumstances, whereas an express one arises from a document or agreement.

Keeping property management manageable

Managing property is no easy task. The list of things for which you are responsible is long and complex. Not only do you deal with building maintenance, but you may also be required to vet tenants and keep the books. You need a good understanding of landlord-tenant laws and the ability to handle people in tense situations. Needless to say, hardly a day goes by without some kind of problem.

Real estate dispute over lake involves state of California

Some property owners are in a disagreement with the California State Lands Commission regarding the ownership of land on which a lake's private docs have been built. These property owners, who are part of a nonprofit association, have recently filed a lawsuit against the commission in the hopes of resolving this real estate dispute. When two parties cannot solve a real estate issue on their own in Los Angeles or other parts of California, it is within their rights to take the matter to court.

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