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Finding the right property manager

Owning a piece of commercial property in California may be exciting and a little frightening. It is a smart investment, and a multi-unit apartment rental can quickly pay for itself and begin to turn a nice profit. Part of the beauty of owning commercial property is delegating the work to people with skills in certain areas. This is where an apartment manager comes in.

What type of insurance does your business need?

As a California business owner, there are many legal issues you must address in order to ensure your company does not face financial harm from various complications. One of these is the matter of insurance. Businesses need various different types of insurance to protect certain aspects of their operations. It is prudent to seek a professional evaluation in order to understand which types of insurance are best for your individual business.

The environmental factors that impact a real estate transaction

There are many factors that can impact a California real estate transaction, and not all of them pertain to legal complexities or financial matters. Often, environment factors can impact both residential and commercial property transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, you would be wise to learn how you can protect your interests when facing these matters.

Limiting your exposure to potential mortgage fraud risks

A California real estate transaction is a major legal and financial process, and when there are unfortunate complications, the impact can reverberate for years to come. When buying or selling commercial real estate, you know that protecting your interests is tantamount, including protecting yourself against mortgage fraud.

Identifying the risks involved in your new real estate project

New ventures are exciting. The chance to build something literally from the ground up and watch it grow and thrive can be an enticing reason to start a real estate project. However, before you take that first step, you need a thorough understanding of the potential risks involved.

What should you know about adverse possession?

California readers know that trespassing is illegal, but there are circumstances in which a person could actually obtain certain rights to use property that belongs to another party. This confusing concept goes by the name of adverse possession, and you may find it beneficial to understand how this process works.

The differences between express and implied easements

When purchasing, leasing or renting California property, it is essential to understand how any potential easement could impact your ability to use the property as you wish. Easements are a complex area of real estate law, and disputes can quickly end up in litigation when out-of-court settlements are not possible. Easements can affect both residential and commercial properties.

Protecting your project from defective construction

The process of preparing for a complicated building project may be more intense than the construction itself. With countless unknowns, it is difficult to assess your risk and prepare for every contingency. Your contractors have the responsibility of ensuring they meet their obligations with as little negative impact as possible.

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