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What should you look for in an industrial warehouse space?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Commercial Leases

A positive side effect of business success and growth is gaining more and more customers. You might soon need to consider leasing industrial warehouse space to continue meeting customer demands.

These facilities can fill several needs, from facilitating product distribution to storing or manufacturing goods. Although warehouses may look alike, they are not built according to universal specifications. Before agreeing to lease the property, ensure it meets your specific and unique needs. Here are four things to consider:

Ceiling height

Square footage is undeniably critical in a warehouse, but so is the structure’s overall height. Ask for the exact dimensions or measure the space to ensure it can accommodate your business operations.

Climate control

It might surprise you to learn that some industrial properties do not come with ventilation systems, heat or air conditioning installed. If you want to protect your goods and workers from the warm California weather, look for a well-maintained climate control system.

Floor condition

Floors shoulder the brunt of all the heavy work that goes on inside a warehouse. They can suffer damage over time that could lead to potential disaster. Look for signs of heavy wear and tear and inquire about the weight limits of all flooring.

Outdoor grounds

It is easy to overlook the areas outside of a warehouse, but they can be just as important as your indoor space. Check that the loading docks accommodate your trucking requirements and that the parking lot has sufficient room for employees, large vehicles and visitors.

These suggestions and a thorough knowledge of commercial lease regulations ensure you do not get saddled with a useless property. A legal consultation can guide you in making beneficial business decisions.