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What are the most common tenant problems?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2021 | Real Estate Litigation

As a landlord, you probably do not like to think about disputing with your tenants. Most landlords hope for a cordial relationship with their tenants. Unfortunately, disputes do happen and you have to be prepared to handle them when they do.

Moneycrashers has advice on how landlords should handle common problem tenants.

Disruptive tenants

If you receive complaints about one of your tenants, it is a good idea to investigate it. Some tenants may throw disruptive parties, have loud pets or play loud music throughout the day and night. Try to explain to your tenant the issue that other tenants have with him or her and look for a solution. The lease agreement should always have clear rules about noise and other disruptions.

Destructive tenants

Before you rent a property, you should take pictures. Even if you vet your tenants, you cannot always predict which tenants will become destructive to your property. To safeguard your property, you should have insurance policies designed for landlords. In addition, you should keep photographic evidence of your property before and after.

Uncommunicative tenants

Encourage your tenants to speak to you if he or she has any issues with income. For example, if your tenant can no longer afford rent, you may be able to move him or her to a different, lower-priced unit. Some tenants may not explain their situation and you could find yourself saddled with utility bills, even after the tenant leaves the property. To protect yourself against lack of payment for utilities, you may want the utilities to be in the tenant’s name.

If you have clients that do not pay, that cause disruption or break the regulations of the lease, you have the power to evict.