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Los Angeles rolls out Accessory Dwelling Unit Standard Plan Program

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Real Estate Litigation

As Los Angeles continues to struggle with an affordable housing crisis, the Department of Building and Safety and Mayor Eric Garcetti have introduced a program designed to offer fast approval for Accessory Dwelling Units. Developers who wish to build these structures can receive one-day permits for 20 approved design options, compared to up to six weeks for a standard permit.

Review the terms of the ADU Standard Plan Program, poised to change the short-term landscape of Los Angeles real estate.

Basics of the ADU program

Contractors, architects and other real estate developers in Los Angeles can enroll simply by meeting the requirements outlined in the approved standard plans for the ADU program. Participating firms will have direct contact with the architects of the available design options, including the 10 local firms with an eventual total of 28 approved designs.

Available properties

Interested investors, landlords and other ADU owners have options that fit a variety of residents. ADU plans range from studios starting at just 309 square feet to two-story homes of more than 1,100 square feet. Add-on options include outdoor features such as covered patios and decks.

ADU accelerator program

Under a related program introduced by the Mayor’s office in 2019, Los Angeles has attempted to improve housing stability for older adults. Landlords who have eligible ADU units can sign up to offer these rentals to qualified seniors in exchange for stable rental income and landlord-tenant case management.

As the city implements creative solutions to address housing affordability, real estate developers can benefit from these initiatives while supporting the community with access to affordable ADUs.