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What is the rest stabilization ordinance?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Real Estate Litigation

It is common for local areas to create ordinances to help protect tenants in rental situations. According to the Los Angeles County Consumer & Business Affairs, the Los Angeles County Rest Stabilization Ordinance is a law that limits rent increases and offers eviction protections. 

There are several conditions of this ordinance that may alter protections, and it does not apply to every rental. 

Rent increases

The rent increase limit provides a restriction on how much a landlord may raise your rent in a 12-month period. As of 2020, that limit is 3%, but it changes often according to the Consumer Price Index. You should always verify the current limit before making a claim that your landlord violated the ordinance. 


The eviction protection limits eviction rights to just cause. Potential reasons for eviction include you breaking terms of your lease or rental agreement, if you receive an order to vacate from the government or if your landlord wishes to demolish the property. It also allows for your landlord to evict you if he or she wishes to stop renting or to move his or her close family members into the unit. 


This ordinance only covers rentals in the unincorporated area of the county. There is partial and full coverage. Partial coverage only offers protection against evictions, while full coverage provides rent increase and eviction protection. 

For full protection, your rental unit must be in an unincorporated area and have two or more rentals on the same property. It also must have a certificate of occupancy from one or before February 1, 1995.