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What should you know about landlord tenant disputes?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2019 | Real Estate Litigation

In California, there are laws in place to handle landlord tenant disputes. Understanding these laws can help you if you ever end up facing a dispute of your own. Today we will look at some frequently asked questions about landlord tenant disputes.

Many people ask how serious landlord tenant disputes are. They wonder if they can settle any dispute through conversation alone. While this is sometimes possible, it is not always the case. Litigation is sometimes unavoidable. However, litigation is often the last resort. It can be expensive and time consuming for everyone involved. If you can settle a dispute out of court, this is usually the most advisable route.

Next, you may be wondering how to avoid litigation. You can do this by handling all potential issues as they crop up. Keep communication open. Be honest. Report any problems immediately. Study the lease carefully. Ensure that the lease writing is clear and concise. Double check that your lease is in compliance with local and state laws. Finally, make sure that you keep copies of all correspondence. When possible, get things in writing. This is more reliable than a spoken word in an argument.

Even if you have to take your case to court, it is often handled in small claims court. This means fewer fees, and you can have some of them waived. Check with local filing requirements first.

Are you interested in learning more about real estate law? Are you curious about landlord tenant disputes? You can take a look at our website to learn more. It could be a good point for you to start in looking up more information.