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3 tips for a prevention plan for construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Firm News

Construction sites can be dangerous areas, but when everyone focuses on safety, accidents are easily avoidable. As the business owner, you need to put a prevention plan in place to help stop accidents. With a proper prevention plan, your California construction site has the potential to keep employees safer and put an end to downtime due to incidents. 

Creating a prevention plan is something eSUB suggests for all construction company owners. While you have many regulations and rules you already follow, this type of strategy enables you to provide an extra layer of protection while also ensuring your employees understand how to stop accidents from occurring and how to work safer on the construction site. 

Creating your plan 

You want to put someone in charge of the plan who understands the working conditions and demands of the job. This person may be able to create a realistic document that employees can actually follow. Make sure the document has multiple sections. Dedicate each section to specific aspects of safety, such as first aid, types of risks and personal protective equipment. 

Once you have the final version, give a copy to every employee and worker. Go over it in a meeting where they can ask questions and get clarification about any new policies or rules. Make sure they understand this is a mandatory plan they must follow. Repeat training on it often to keep it fresh in their minds. 


Creating this type of document for your company may help reduce costs associated with accidents, such as loss of equipment, reduced productivity and legal expenses. It may also allow you to be proactive and show your workers you value their safety. Plus, it protects your investments and assets. 

Making sure your company has an accident prevention plan is a smart move. It benefits you, your workers and your customers through making your worksites safer.