Month: August 2019

How are trade laws affecting real estate?

The economy is a tricky thing. When one segment has an issue, it tends to bleed into the other segments. That is what is happening with the real estate market in California thanks to issues with trade in the U.S. economy. According to The Mercury News, new trade wars...

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What do I need to do to evict a commercial tenant?

The basic steps to evict a tenant in California remain the same whether that tenant is commercial or residential. As the landlord, it is essential that you follow the right steps or you could face legal issues with getting the tenant removed from the property....

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Tips for finding (and keeping) good tenants

Owning residential real estate in a state like California can be a great investment. That said, becoming a landlord can also be a source of great frustration without having the right tenants occupying your building. As noted by RentPrep, there is most certainly a...

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