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Some info on properties with commercial leases missing online

| Apr 25, 2019 | Commercial Leases

Modern technology is altering the way in which investors look at the non-residential property market. For example, listing services on the World Wide Web highlights properties featuring commercial leases in a variety of markets. Investors in Los Angeles can therefore obtain a large amount of valuable information regarding commercial properties instantly. The problem is, though, that these listing services still exclude other important pieces of information that might impact how valuable a property is.

As an example, investors likely will not find out about incentives designed to attract buyers to various properties, like special financing, tax credits and tax abatements. Such incentives affect commercial real estate’s occupancy cost. For this reason, investors may want to seek information about such incentives from real estate brokers prior to buying their next properties.

In the same manner, brokers may offer investors helpful sales comparisons, showing them what properties are selling for in certain markets. With this type of comparison, an investor can better comprehend different properties’ market values. This may lead to more informed decision-making concerning the best properties to purchase to achieve the investor’s business goals.

Buying properties featuring commercial leases can be exciting whether an investor is doing it for the first time or for the 10th time. Still, a lack of understanding about the financial and legal aspects of a potentially lucrative deal might quickly result in a failed deal, or one with a subpar financial outcome for the investor. An attorney, however, can provide real estate investors with the direction they need to achieve personally favorable deals time and time again in Los Angeles.