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Proptech to benefit properties with commercial leases

| Apr 18, 2019 | Commercial Leases

A brand-new generation of software platforms is changing the world of property investing. These new platforms can monitor energy and water use in buildings, for example. These applications, called proptech, offer promise to investors in Los Angeles who are interested in purchasing buildings with commercial leases, as they provide a new way of generating value for their tenants.

A particularly valuable service that proptech offers is providing tenants with on-site access to services designed to enhance their quality of life, such as medical treatment. Other proptech perks that investors can take advantage of include being able to monitor such factors as safety status and steam consumption. They can also monitor indoor temperature and occupancy.

What is especially valuable about proptech is that it makes this information available in real time. In addition, investors can use data analytics for predicting future performance. Investors are becoming increasingly interested in proptech, not only because it can draw more tenants to them but also because it may make their properties more efficient and sustainable.

With new technology increasingly adding value to the commercial real estate industry, now is an ideal time for investors to more actively pursue the purchase of properties featuring commercial leases. However, the wrong approach to a transaction, particularly from a legal standpoint, can easily cause the deal to fall through. Fortunately, an attorney in Los Angeles can provide real estate investors with the guidance they need to effectively purchase or sell commercial real estate properties and thus achieve their ultimate business and financial goals in the Golden State.