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Buildings with commercial leases remain in demand

| Jun 14, 2018 | Commercial Leases

In Los Angeles and elsewhere, non-residential real estate remains in high demand. A number of factors have been contributing to the growing demand for real estate featuring commercial leases. Here is a glimpse at some of these factors.

First, experts say that, during the next few years, technological advancement will continue to drive real estate growth across the country. Another possible contributing factor to real estate growth in the near future is the recent rewriting of the nation’s tax code that Congress passed. After all, this is the most extensive update of the code in three decades.

Solid job growth is also signaling opportunities in the real estate sector. In a survey, 66 percent of executives said that job creation this year would be significantly or marginally higher than last year. Nonetheless, nearly half of survey respondents asserted that they were concerned about the impacts of rising interest rates on the U.S. economy, which might temper the current momentum of the market. When it comes to financing, though, many investors are turning to banks and private equity funds to fund their real estate transactions.

The real estate market in Los Angeles and other parts of California is a complex beast. Thus, naturally, purchasing properties featuring commercial leases can be complicated and overwhelming. Fortunately, buyers do not have to go about their real estate transactions alone. An attorney can provide them with the direction they need to complete their deals in the most personally favorable manner possible in the Golden State.