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Commercial leases show promise in Palm Springs

| Oct 5, 2017 | Commercial Leases

California, including the area of Los Angeles, remains a hot spot for real estate investors in the commercial sector. A particular area that is drawing increasing attention is Palm Springs, where commercial leases can benefit both businesses and the community as a whole. Part of the draw of this area is the good quality of life it is purported to offer.

Greater Palm Springs provides world-class fitness, wellness and health care, featuring a wide range of activities, such as yoga and bicycling. In addition, it has three hospitals along with other facilities. The area is also known for its strong culture and arts focus, with multiple museum locations, community theaters, music festivals and a film festival.

Creativity is even permeating the area’s business community, with innovating being encouraged in this area of California. A huge perk for business owners in the area is that the availability and cost of commercial real estate properties have received high rankings among companies that are looking to expand or relocate, as well as among investors. The transportation infrastructure features a rail service, three airports and a zone for foreign trade as well, only adding to the appeal of the area.

California continues to offer many opportunities for those interested in providing or taking advantage of commercial leases thanks to the many shopping centers and other types of properties available. However, failure to understand how leases work can cause those interested in a leasing relationship to make ill-informed decisions with negative long-ranging consequences. An attorney in Los Angeles can help to ensure that one’s rights and wishes are protected when dealing with leases in the Golden State.

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