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Real estate dispute involves new luxury home development

| Jan 20, 2017 | Real Estate Litigation

A company recently expressed renewed interest in building a luxury residential development in California. However, it has received resistance from the council of the city in which it wishes to build, as the development would be built on an area considered to be environmentally sensitive. The company, therefore, recently decided to file a legal claim against the municipality. If people in Los Angeles or other parts of the Golden State are unable to resolve a real estate dispute on their own, it is within their rights to take legal action.

In this California case, the company that wants to build a development had planned on creating one with 79 homes. The homes would be built on more than 40 acres of land. The potential site is essentially undisturbed desert.

In addition to suing the city for rejecting its building proposal, the company claimed that it had paid a whopping 150 percent of the fees required to get particular documents processed quickly in connection with the possible development. However, the company allegedly ended up receiving no preference. However, city officials as well as residents near the potential development site claimed that the design of the project did not meet the city’s quality standards.

The company claimed that if its development cannot move forward, its property will be devalued by more than $4 million. As part of its lawsuit, the company is seeking for the court to permit it to continue with the development. It is also seeking the repayment of its legal costs. It is within the rights of a person in Los Angeles who is involved in a real estate dispute with city officials or with another company to fight for his or her best interests considering the circumstances surrounding his or her case.

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