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Real estate investment partnerships can be complex

| Nov 11, 2016 | investment Partnerships

Joint ventures such a partnerships in real estate development can be complex in Los Angeles. However, an attorney can help people to address the many facets of real estate investment partnerships. The types of projects in which investors can benefit from an attorney’s assistance include office buildings, mixed-use projects, hotels, residential housing and industrial parks.

An attorney may help with integrating deal documents related to investment partnerships. Proper legal guidance can also be helpful for analyzing all of these documents from the start of a real estate project to see if they are in compliance with the lender’s requirements. These documents are furthermore checked to make sure that they comply with other contractual requirements.

Other areas in which legal assistance can prove useful are the dispositions or acquisitions of commercial real estate. You can also receive guidance on real estate development agreements or property management agreements. Any partnership disputes may additionally be handled with an applied understanding of the law.

When people are developing real estate investment partnerships, an attorney can go over the tax ramifications of these partnerships as well. You can also receive guidance through the challenges and complexities of different funding vehicles, as needed, such as mezzanine financing, subordinated project debt and development loans. Even though partnerships in real estate can be complicated and involve a great deal of risk in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California, seeing the big picture of liability with the help of a lawyer can help to ensure that your contracts make possible a coordinated enterprise.