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The basic elements of strong business partnerships

| Jul 30, 2016 | investment Partnerships

A partnership is the foundation of many California businesses. In order for those collaborations to be successful for all involved, Forbes offers some advice about what makes for strong partnerships in business.

While there are millions of kinds of businesses, partnerships, investment projects and various kinds of business litigation disputes in Los Angeles alone, just about all business matters share one thing in common: contracts. A partnership starts with an agreement, and that partnership agreement should be thoughtfully, lawfully and formally created.

Partnerships and businesses can and do fail due to the weakness of a contract. Effective documentation is the basis of a successful, protected business entity. Therefore, legal support that is experienced in protecting business and partnerships is an important ally for entrepreneurs to adopt right away.

Beyond solid, foundational partnership documents, there is the important matter of whether the partnership is a promising idea in the first place. Forbes suggests that the separate parties think honestly together about the following questions:

  • What are the other party’s/parties’ expectations of the business and the partnership overall? Do the expectations match, and do the expectations jive together?
  • What does the other entity have to offer from a partnership perspective? Does the other party bring something to the big picture that is needed in order for the business to better succeed?
  • Are both or all parties benefiting each other and the overall success of the business? If not all are benefiting from a partnership deal, not all parties will feel positively about the business venture. Discontent can make for an unsatisfying business relationship and less secure business.

A clear mind and confidence can help a business and partnership succeed. Experienced and knowledgeable business lawyers can help provide entrepreneurs with both. They will know what makes a solid contract and what questions potential partners should think about and discuss before taking on a new business venture.