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Protecting Your Rights In Insurance Coverage And Risk Management Cases

At Goodkin APC in Los Angeles, our attorneys represent numerous commercial and residential real estate developers in insurance coverage and risk management cases. Our loyal client base is built upon referrals from former clients and other law firms who appreciate our in-depth knowledge in this esoteric area of law.

However, our insurance coverage and risk management practice is not limited to the real estate industry or to California. We also provide legal counsel and representation to clients in a broad spectrum of other industries.

Utilizing Inside Knowledge Of The Insurance Industry

Goodkin APC has litigated numerous disputes with insurers regarding coverage for insureds with existing policies in place. This experience gives Goodkin APC unique insight into the insurance carrier’s perspective, allowing it to more effectively advise insured parties on contractual insurance requirements and coverage issues, and to develop effective claims strategies on their behalf.

Negotiating Policy Terms To Protect Your Bottom Line

Many of our clients are actively engaged in new real estate projects, and Goodkin APC has extensive experience negotiating the terms of the insurance policies that come into play. Builders often require owner-controlled insurance program (OCIP) policies that protect all the contractors and subcontractors in their employ.

However, there are only a certain number of markets for OCIPs, and the policies are often significantly slanted in the insurance company’s favor. When dealing with offshore, nonadmitted, surplus lines insurers, retaining a lawyer skilled in policy negotiation is critical and provides significant added value.

Learn More About How We Can Assist You

When you face insurance coverage and risk management concerns, you need an attorney who understands what is at stake. You can schedule a consultation at our Los Angeles office by calling Goodkin APC at 310-853-5730 or by sending us an email.